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RotaKids is a Primary School Citizenship programme. The programme is aimed at Junior School age group, ages 7-10 years, years 3-6 in primary schools. The aim of RotaKids is to build self esteem, develop leadership qualities and introduce young people to service through Rotary

RotaKids was formed in South Florida in 2000 and now there are clubs throughout the world. Each club is sponsored by a Rotary Club, but the day to day running is undertaken by the school teachers, usually those that teach citizenship. As the club develops, members will elect club offices and some control will pass onto its club officers.

During the initial visit by Rotarians to the school and potential RotaKids, the Rotarians should tell the young people and teachers about Rotary and how RotaKids can help Rotary.

The school will benefit from the young people learning about citizenship in a practical manner.

 Participation by Rotarians in events and club meetings shall be at the invitation and discretion of the teacher. Financial support will be at the discretion of the Rotary Club, but they will often supply pin badges, tabards, T-shirts, hats RotaKids undertake projects of their choice and they decide how they will achieve them, with guidance from their teachers.



There are no minimum number of projects a club need to undertake in a year.  Clubs meet monthly or more frequently if required. Rotarians may provide speakers regarding suitable projects Thanks for Life, shoe boxes

Whilst undertaking these projects, RotaKids will also use other skills, maths counting money, English writing programmes, leaflets and posters, art and IT printing programmes etc



RotaKids Pledge -

As a RotaKid, I promise

To be fair to all 

To serve my community

To show respect for other