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Bellevue Girls Grammar School

Bellevue Girls Grammar School. Thorn Lane, Bingley Road, Queensbury, Bradford. BD9 6NA Tel. 01274 492 341

Contact Sponsoring Club: Bradford Bronte Rotary Club

Tess Wilkins

President Andrew Idle (2010-11)

Team Tess Wilkins, Richard Henton-Jones and Chris Aldred

First Information Meeting

To summarise the success of the club

I think their culture/faith plays a very large part in the success of this club. Without fail. all students wanted to help less fortunate people( I think they feel it is their 'duty' to do so.) and was often given as a reason why their parents were eager for them to be involved. They appear to have great pride in their school and wanted to be able to 'flag up' it's achievements and make it an even better school. Working together and socialising together was also an important factor as was the fact that they were not having 'authority' imposed on them but could work their own way through ideas(with guidance). The enthusiasm of Tess played a very large part as well. It shows how important it is to have a really committed person in the school who is known to and respected by the pupils.

Pauline Jacques D1040 Interact Officer