D1040 New Generations






This is an international network of service and social clubs for young people of secondary school age, sponsored by Rotary International.

 Interact Club officers are elected annually by the members.  By working together, members develop self-confidence and leadership skills, as well as improving their understanding of local and world affairs.  They learn to show thoughtfulness and helpfulness in their relationships.


Thoughtful, outward looking, team-workers, with a sense of adventure and FUN!


Girls and boys of secondary school age.


Fees agreed between members.  Fund raising for projects.


As approved by Rotary International.


Clubs usually meet at least every two weeks for members to enjoy each other’s company and to plan and carry out at least two major projects each year - one for the school or local community; the other to develop international understanding.  Every club is sponsored by a Rotary club, which helps with venue/planning/contacts and general guidance


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